Is asbestosis dangerous? Let us define asbestosis

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Asbestos or asbestos is one of the mining materials, the definition of asbestosis makes you know what is dangerous. consists of mineral silicate fibers with different chemical compositions. This material has the ability and high resistance, to fire, heat, and also chemicals. But nature is unable to decipher it.

definition of asbestosis

Asbestos is found all around us, generally used for building construction and insulation materials. Some items that commonly use asbestos include:

  • Cement pipes with asbestos fibers
  • Clutch pads, brake pads, and motor vehicle transmission components
  • Power cord liners
  • Heater pipe coating
  • Fireproof panels
  • building roof products,

Why is this material dangerous?

Damage to materials that contain asbestos fibers will invite asbestos dust. The activities of installing, breaking, sawing, drilling, dumping, and destroying materials that contain asbestos can also release asbestos fiber particles into the air. If inhaled, asbestos fibers settle in the lungs, causing scarring (fibrosis). This is often ignored because the disease caused by asbestos particles generally only appears in a period of between 10-50 years.

Impact of Asbestos

Inhaling asbestos fibers can cause scar tissue to form in the lungs. The lung tissue that forms fibrosis is unable to expand and contract as it should. The severity of the disease is related to the length of exposure and the quantity of fiber inhaled.

Asbestos exposure can be found in mining and milling, construction, and other industries. Exposure to the family of asbestos workers can also occur due to particles carried into the residence inside the workers’ clothes.

Diseases that can arise

Inhaling asbestos can have the effect of thickening the pleura (the membrane that lines the lungs) due to being scratched by asbestos fibers. The affected area is called pleural plaque. This disease is chronic and there is no cure. Diseases caused by asbestos include:

  • Asbestosis is a respiratory disease that occurs due to inhalation of asbestos fibers in high concentrations, wherein the lungs form extensive scar tissue.
  • Lung cancer is a disease that is seen when a person continues to work in an environment contaminated with asbestos. Smokers tend to be more at risk than nonsmokers if they inhale asbestos dust.
  • Mesothelioma is a malignant tumor of the lung membrane. In addition to people who work in an environment, high asbestos can also attack the family.

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