Women's Cycling Series: Just the Beginning


We want to thank everyone that attended the four-week Women’s Cycling Series earlier this spring. It was a huge success, and it was a blast getting to know you!

If you missed any of the Saturday sessions or forgot some of the stuff we went over, check out Grey Ghost Bicycle’s comprehensive day-by-day recap on their blog (thanks to Alyssa McClenning):

The Basics

Bike Fit

Recipes from Dr. Seerena Coombes


And if you’re going through some sort of depressed state because you don’t have bike buddies anymore, come to our women’s ride on Tuesday nights at 6 (starts and ends behind Grey Ghost at 206 Glen St. in downtown Glens Falls).

GGB also offers co-ed, no-drop rides (averaging approx. 17 mph) on Thursdays at 6 p.m. and multiple-group rides Saturday mornings at 8. For more info, contact Grey Ghost at 223-0148 or greyghostbicyclesinfo@gmail.com.

The Tri Club’s Monday night ride is also going strong: 6 p.m. from Kensington Elementary (43 Kensington Rd) in Glens Falls. For more information and to join the club, click here

Happy riding, and stay safe!